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Discover diving with mini scuba

Discover the lagoon on the island of Reunion with the newest "Mini Scubas!" Immerse yourself in the quiet and wonderful world of our lagoon and experience an unforgettable adventure among the fish of the Hermitage.

Diving in the lagoon of Reunion Island

No more work to do: leave tow you by our mini-thrusters in the lagoon of the Hermitage. Light and handy, they propel you to a speed of 4 km / h. To complete the outfit, and to make the most of the wealth of the lagoon, we will equip you adapted flippers and masks Easybreath offer panoramic 180 ° vision, guaranteed without fogging. You can also capture your dive in the lagoon by fitting a Go Pro Scuba on the Mini. The lagoon Reunion will have no secret for you. Suitable for all ages, the only requirement is to know how to swim. This simple and fun activity is very addictive for lovers of diving. Reservations at:

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